Internet companies are making every effort to attack the home industry

Internet companies are making every effort to attack the home industry

A large group of Internet-based companies, represented by Millet, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, are making every effort to attack the home industry and penetrate into the whole business chain of manufacturing, sales and service, which is fierce and overwhelming to the aborigines.

Recently, Red Star McLaren announced that its controlling shareholder, Red Star Holdings, had successfully issued exchangeable bonds and was fully subscribed to by Alibaba for RMB 4,359.4 billion.

After subscribing to Red Star McLaren's swap bonds, if converted into shares, it would be equivalent to about 10% of A shares. Meanwhile, Alibaba acquired a 3.7% stake in Red Star McLaren in Hong Kong.

Last year, Alibaba had invested 5.453 billion yuan in its home, accounting for about 15% of its shares. After that, the two sides cooperated in many aspects, such as store renovation, online and offline integration, joint activities, large data precision marketing and mutual diversion.

Today, Alibaba's capital phantom is behind the two largest domestic home circulation leaders. Supported by Ali's flow and capital, the squeeze of living space in small and medium-sized regional stores is expected to accelerate further.

In recent years, Alibaba has been recruiting more and more household enterprises, such as Taobao, Tianmao, Shengong 007 and so on. Beyond millet, Alibaba has become another heavy killer in the household industry. It has invested 10 billion yuan in the production of household building materials, smart home, household decoration and circulation, thus completing the ecology of the household industry. Layout.

It is far more imaginative than the traditional oligarchs in the household industry. Next, I'd like to show you the layout of Alibaba's home industry.

For the aborigines in the household industry, the change brought by Ali has attracted our great attention. The catfish effect caused by Ali will continue to spread and amplify.

Heavy Army Smart Home

In March this year, Aliyun and Mei announced a deep cooperation, the two sides jointly launched customized chips and OS platform for smart home appliances. After that, Mei's smart home appliances products will be adapted to AliOS Things'customized chips.

The idea of beauty may be to further improve the user experience and content services of smart appliances through Aliyun's resource advantages in the operating system and the Internet of Things ecology.

The two sides also released an OS platform for smart appliances, which is the integration of SmartOS and AliOS Things.

Prior to the cooperation with the United States, Aliyun jointly launched two custom smart chips for the household appliances industry.

One combines WiFi and BLE Compo chip BK7231M to improve the success rate of home appliances distribution network; the other is WiFi SoC chip ASR5501M, which reduces the difficulty and cost of hardware design through high integration.

Both chips are adapted to AliOS Things and will be gradually applied to smart home appliances in the United States. Naturally, when used in beautiful products, there will be a strong demonstration effect in the industry, which will entirely drive other power plants to use.

One big figure is that by March 2019, AliOS Things had shipped more than 100 million chips.

This is starting from technology, into the smart home business. In fact, Ali has been cultivating smart home for many years, there are many heavy achievements in hand, the impact on the industry can not be ignored.

Back in time, in 2015, Ali set up an Intelligent Life Business Department, releasing a signal of large-scale entry into the smart family.

More influential works should be "Skycat Elf", a smart speaker released in 2017, divided into X1, cookies, sugar three versions, can listen to music, voice shopping, mobile phone recharge, take-out, but also voice control of some smart home equipment.

Ali is not only making speakers, but also trying to build an open platform for mesh smart home. By March 2019, an open message was that the total sales of Skypat Elf AI smart speakers exceeded 10 million units.

Under Ali's banner, there are also some smart home items, such as the Sky Cat Magic Box, Sky Cat Router, Smart Door Lock, Smart Fire Eye, Sky Cat Magic Screen, AI lighting products, etc.

Not only do they do it by themselves, but also a lot of cooperation, such as with the brands of Kovos, Oaks, Duya and Haier, to launch new products of Internet of Things electrical appliances, such as sweeping robots, intelligent air conditioning, voice remote control curtains, voice interactive large-screen TV, etc. The "OS Jizhi" beautiful intelligent refrigerator released in cooperation with the United States is built on the basis of YunOS intelligent operating system.

That is, in this year, Aliyun IoT Internet of Things launched the "Open Platform for Intelligent Life" to help partners achieve intelligent home appliances by providing connectivity, equipment management, data analysis and other solutions.

Then, Ali released a huge plan to connect 10 billion devices in the next five years to cover multi-brand and multi-category products, and use Ali's own integration of AI, big data, voice and other technical capabilities, as well as the introduction of music, cloud recipes, maps and other service resources, to support developers to quickly build their own application systems and build an open platform for intelligent life.

Not only does Alibaba strive to seize the entrance of smart home and build a smart home platform, but it also invests in some companies with real gold and silver, such as good technology, and gets 700 million yuan of Alibaba investment.
The advantages are to make intelligent door locks, intelligent water dispensers and intelligent toilet caps and other products. The founder is former Huawei Glorious President and former Cool CEO.

Extend your hand to home furnishings

This year, Alibaba completed more investment in home decoration companies, with a 20% shareholding ratio. The actual control is Taobao China Holdings Co., Ltd.

What do many craftsmen do? Previously in the industry's reputation is not very loud, can get the favor of Ali, there must be some good points. From the business scope, including decoration engineering design, lighting installation and maintenance, moving services, construction and other business.

Great River Finance Cube "Jiji" once had a special report, "There are many detective artisans! Why does Alibaba like Henan's "lamp maker"? Among them, a more in-depth interpretation of the situation of many craftsmen, the company and a lighting service provider "lamp nanny" is a brotherly relationship, corporate representatives are Yang Jingwei, shareholder structure is similar.

In 2014, the lamp nanny became a strategic service provider of Tianmao Home Decoration, cooperating with more than 2,000 lighting manufacturers, with nearly 30,000 certified and audited workers, covering 308 cities and more than 2,300 counties and districts in China. Water is now being tested to provide intelligent services for traditional home lighting systems.

The service of many craftsmen covers a wider range, including lighting, bathroom hardware, integrated ceiling, electronic door lock, clothes hanger and other types of building materials such as home installation, maintenance, cleaning, maintenance, replacement and other services. The core source of customers is not only Tianmao, but also other electronics business platforms.

Last November, Alibaba invested 25 million US dollars in Shengong 007 strategy. What this Shengong 007 does is not much different from the craftsmen. Its main business is also home service, such as lighting, bathroom, sanitary ware, wallpaper, floor product installation, maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, maintenance and so on.

And one of the main customers of Shengong 007 is the merchants on Tianmao. After the cooperation between the two sides, the public statement at that time was that the layout of building materials for new home retail, access to online and offline data, to achieve the integration of warehousing, delivery and loading. At the same time, the pilot construction of "Tianmao worry-free shopping" life service store, to create a home service center.

Before Ali's share, Shengong 007 had completed two rounds of financing, A and B. Although it is a very grounded and bitter business, there are many people who hold a positive attitude.

First, Shengong 007, then many craftsmen, are favored by big gold owners like Alibaba. One of the key reasons is that Alibaba needs strong offline services to support its home e-commerce business, which can not only enhance the reputation of buyers, but also help online businesses to open up markets and make money.

Earlier, Ali Department had several times started home decoration business, such as with home decoration E station, Yuehang network and other strategic partners. When cooperating with home decoration E station, many cities were laid out, but the results were not as good as expected.

Real Home Circulation Crocodile

We are accustomed to think that the Red Star McLaren and the unexpected home are the two oligarchs in the industry. In fact, the real big crocodile is Alibaba. Not only did Ali hold a large proportion of the shares in Hongju and Hongju, but more importantly, Ali built its own business platform and won more impressive results in home sales.

Although Tianmao did not publish annual sales data of home furnishings, from Shuang11's situation, strength can be seen. For example, in 2018 Shuang11, over 43 brands with over 100 million transactions squeezed out some water, which is also very considerable.

And from the performance of some household Tao brands, only relying on the Tianmao channel, we can do a very good job, such as Lin's Wood Industry, Youfan Art and so on. At present, the main battlefield of sales is Tianmao. It can be seen from the case that the Skylight Cat is quite capable of selling goods.

Another strength relying on Tian Ali Department is "Taobao has a very good home", which was established as early as 2015 and is positioned as a one-stop building platform. It not only includes household customization, home decoration building materials, residential furniture, home textiles and home decoration, living department stores and other household products, but also includes decoration quotation, model cases, decoration companies, decoration materials and other businesses.

Overall, about 20 sub-industries have been integrated, and more than 2,000 goods and services have been launched. It is said that the volume of goods is as high as 2 billion. This is the number you see online.

In the past two years, home design, style matching, horticultural design, formaldehyde detection and other forms of home service have been pouring into Taobao. For buyers, Taobao has a very good home. It is no longer a simple purchase of household building materials, but also a customized home with the help of designers, collocators and other professionals.

In addition, with the "extreme guarantee" system, which includes free delivery, package delivery to households, damaged package compensation, unreasonable return for 15 days, free door-to-door return, worry-free quality assurance and so on, it can be said that very many people have taken into account what should be done.

The whole layout keeps pace with the change of consumption situation, and the space available is infinite, and the emphasis depends on the follow-up landing.

At the March 2019 launch, Wu Huan, a very responsible person, revealed that in 2018, Taobao had a platform with over 300 billion transactions, and the number of home designers on the platform nearly doubled in three years. At that time, the target was that very many of them could become Taobao's next trillion-level market.

In addition to Taobao and Tianmao in the home sales business, positioning the Alibaba 1688 platform for wholesale business, there are also home decoration materials, home textiles, electrical security and other businesses.

Ali International Station also launched online wholesale channel some time ago. The platform provides home gardens, lighting, household appliances, household, textile products and other categories.

The above combing is not complete, but we can still see from these clues that a huge home business oligarch has emerged.

In this layout, Ali may not incubate too many household items, more likely to work with brand manufacturers to promote products, and provide their own technical and sales support.

We can really feel that Ali Department is playing an increasingly important core role in the sales circulation, intelligent technology, flow control and other aspects of the home industry.