Whole Wood Custom Home

Whole Wood Custom Home

Modern decoration styles are increasingly diverse. From complex to simple, from simple to individualized, and pursuing taste, the home improvement style has undergone several stages of change for more than 10 years.

The first generation of home improvement is the so-called road guerrillas. Those who have not received formal training can participate in the decoration, which often leads to work-saving and material-saving disputes, and the quality is inferior.

The second generation of home improvement, small decoration company. The decoration began to form an industry, and some corresponding decoration companies appeared. However, the overall decoration strength did not increase much, and the price was high, the quality was lower, the service content was simple, and there was not much design planning.

The third generation of home improvement, integrated home. The decoration and furniture are out of touch, just a patchwork of products, the overall style is not uniform.

The first three generations of home decoration are out of touch with the furniture configuration. After the design and construction, the owner purchases the home goods or accepts the goods recommended by the home improvement company. They also need to carry out the secondary configuration design. This step-by-step home decoration mode is difficult to reflect the decoration and home. The perfect combination of goods. When people's home experience has higher requirements, the fourth generation of home decoration represented by "customized home" came into being, and "custom wood customization" belongs to the subdivision of custom home, which explains more active and healthy. Custom culture. It is the first choice for high-end consumer groups at this stage.